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Rob Level - Spray Feat. Burger Man

17 Feb 2019   03:59   294
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Restricted Lyric Video Version This Idea Was Based On

Directed By: @SmithOfTheCentury
Edited By: @SmithOfTheCentury @Rob_Level and @JakeTheShooter
Shot By: @PayRoll And @JakeTheShooter

BRENDA @thearielleray
THE MOM @bakingwithcolette
THE PRIEST @ibencarlton
THE SCIENTIST @johnbrougher
ANGRY DUDE @curlstoogood
STONER GUY @barkysmarky


Prop Maker - @lilbeanbag4real
Wardrobe Consultant - @kingarthur316
Mix And Master Engineer: Eric Gorman
Additional Thanks To - Thad Swift And Jacob Clark

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My Reality Show 'This Ain't Luck'
Episode 1 -

No we didn't steal this from Sneakk, Tyga and YG Spray. Quite the opposite. I have been previewing this song and hook since June 2018 in Smart Rapper videos. Sneakk Tyga Spray might have been influenced by my version of spray.

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