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CRAZY Flavors from Around the World

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After school snacks. Midnight snacks. Watching your favorite show snacks. We all have our favorite junk food to turn to when we need some comfort or to satisfy a craving. Well, your favorite snack food items just got a little weirder. Here are some of the craziest flavors of your favorite things from around the world.

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6. Vegetable Ice Cream
White peach raspberry sounds like a flavor we could definitely get behind, but did you know that Haagen Dazs also put out vegetable flavored ice cream? In Japan, they put out two vegetable flavors: orange-carrot and cherry-tomato. Not like the cute little tomatoes you can buy at the grocery store, but a mix of tomato flavor and cherry flavor, which are technically both fruits, so Haagen Dazs gets a pass there. Eating vegetable flavored ice cream is probably the easiest way to eat healthy, when in reality, you’re just lying to yourself.

5. Mountain Dew Cheetos
Gaming and snacking just became a whole lot easier. What does a Mountain Dew cheeto taste like? Salt, lime, lemon, is there a flavoring powder for carbonation or will these just taste like acid? We don’t know, but we would love to find out. There’s no word yet as to whether or not there is a Cheeto flavored Mountain Dew, but what better way to keep cheeto dust off your keyboard or controller? So, for your next Overwatch tournament, you could get liters of Mountain Dew and bags of cheetos...or you could cut out the middleman and get a pallet of these.

4. Pringles
Salty and crispy, Pringles are undeniably delicious. And for anyone who has opened a bag of chips, only to be faced with a disappointing crumbled pile of what once might have been chips, you can be thankful for the Pringles can. It minimizes chip breakage and apparently serves as a nice urn as well.

Yeah, now you know that the Pringle can inventor actually opted to be buried in a can of original flavored Pringles. But we think he’d be interested to know that there are tons of Pringle flavors out there to choose from. Including some really weird ones, like the soft-shell crab, seaweed, or grilled shrimp flavors on the shelves in Asia.

3. Limited Edition Oreos
This photo of a new Oreo flavor went viral in 2015. It looks like a slice of SPAM sandwiched between the two chocolate cookies--maybe that’s oreo cream made from SPAM? That might be worse, actually, than if it were just a slice of raw SPAM. It doesn’t matter, the whole thing looked like a disaster. And had it been real, it would have been a disaster. Uncooked SPAM? It’s plain sacrilegious.

So, the SPAM oreos weren’t real--and neither were the ramen ones--but plenty of weird Oreo flavors are real. Watermelon flavored oreos came out in 2013, limeade in 2014, and candy corn Oreos in 2012. What’s wrong with a good, old-fashioned Oreo?

2. Kit Kats
What was your favorite Halloween candy? You know, the one you’d always trade with your friends to get more of? Ours was 100% Kit Kats. It turns out that in Japan, Kit Kats are a big deal, too, as the name translates roughly into a wish for good luck. Our favorite Kit Kat is the classic, but Kit Kats are apparently the perfect vessel for some, uh, unique flavors. Some of the most popular include soy sauce, edamame, baked potato, and grilled corn just to name a few.

All right guys, if you haven’t already, go grab your favorite snack food and get ready for number one. Here’s our featured comment for today:

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Horse Meat Ice Cream
Did we get you with the spam oreos? Did you think they were real, just for a second? Maybe even a few of you hoped they were real. Well, what about this one? Raw horse meat ice cream? Funny joke, right. There’s no way.

There is a way. Featured in this photo is basashi, also sometimes called sakuraniku. It’s thinly sliced raw horse meat. But it doesn’t stop there. Basashi Aisu is a real thing and it means raw horse meat ice cream. Now, this isn’t really a thing you can buy anywhere in Japan, it’s sold more as a novelty to tourists and crazy foodies, but it does exist and the consensus’s not as awful as you’d think. Horsemeat, to American sensibilities, is a pretty big taboo. But elsewhere in the world, it’s readily available and pretty popular. But it’s the whole...meat and ice cream together part we’re really struggling with here.

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