DownloadPokemon Battle Challenge 4: Champion Steven VS Champion Wallace Video

Pokemon Battle Challenge 4: Champion Steven VS Champion Wallace

27 May 2015   12:26   162
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Pokemon Custom Battle Challenge #3 - Steven Vs Wallace ![Champion Team]
►Which is your favorite Steel Pokemon?
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Hi everyone, really sorry for the delay,I had planned to do something new but I had a problem with garctool. My goal was to change the textures of Pokemon for example Milotic in order to do a mega-evolution into mega Milotic. Everything was ready(Miloticite, pokemon texture, new ability, etc, etc....) but apparently because of file format (1 GB), garctool does not compact the file with only the texture... I do not know if I could solve the problem but I would see later... I work three days with this but nothing work. My computer is probably not powerful enough to compress the file.
:( I'm a little sad because if the system would work, the battle will be more better.
Next video: Pokemon OR/AS - Vs Juan.(custom battle request)
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Asia81 from

CTRTool : Neimod
3DSExplorer : Elisher
ctrulib : Smealum
Makerom : 3dsguy
3DS Multi Decryptor (CtrKeyGen) : Relys
Padxorer : xerpi
RomFS Builder : SciresM
Kaphotics : Garctool!

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